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Seeking Grace

September 25, 2012

None of this was my idea. As I write this, I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for 37 years and a local church pastor for 28 years. I did not choose either of these. They chose me. Why? Only God knows. I was not raised in a Christian home. Honestly, I was raised […]

Evidence Of Grace

September 21, 2012

For a number of months we began our weekly staff meeting at the church by asking the question, “Where have you seen the evidence of God’s grace in the church, or in your life, in the past week?” Originally I intended that this question would spark a lively celebration of grace sightings among us. I […]

Grace In The Nick Of Time

September 20, 2012

At the worst possible time I had a “wardrobe malfunction.” It was the day of a wedding I was to conduct. I had dressed in my black “marrying” tuxedo complete with black suspenders to hold up the pants that had no belt loops. Everything had gone off without a hitch. In fact, I had gotten […]

A Mission And Message Of Grace

September 19, 2012

One Sunday after church the mother of a shy elementary school student asked if her daughter could ask me some questions for a school assignment. I told her I would be delighted to answer her questions and invited the whole family into my office. The mother explained that her daughter’s teacher had assigned each student […]

“By God’s Grace”

September 19, 2012

In 1 Corinthians 15, the Apostle Paul presents one of the clearest expositions of the good news of Jesus Christ found in Scripture. In a few brief phrases, Paul declares what Jesus Christ has accomplished on behalf of a flawed, sinful humanity: 1 Brothers and sisters, I want to call your attention to the good […]

Chosen By Grace

September 18, 2012

         Some time back the church youth group went to Wake Forest University for an afternoon of pick up basketball games in the school’s team practice facility. One of the highlights of the afternoon would be the chance for the youth to play basketball with Rusty LaRue (a church member and a […]