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More Reviews For My Book “Say What?”

Just wanted to tell you what a great job you and God have done in writing this book!  I am so enjoying it as my “God morsel” in the mornings.   Sadly, I am almost done but I know it is something I can read and reread and gain renewed “mouth/heart” checks with each reading.  Thanks again for being willing to share it with us.


“Say What” was not an easy book for me to read, yet it captivated me and was difficult to put down until I got all the way through it. I think this is a book for everyday instruction. It deals with the practical affairs of our daily lives as we jostle each other on the highways of life. This book may be somewhat like the game of checkers in that even though a child can play the game, no one can master it, and even though I understood what this book was about in my first reading, I also think it will be a lifetime challenge to try to fully understand all the meanings and master all the applications of things in this book. I think…that it has tremendous potential for good to those who devote themselves to adhering to it.





2 Responses to “More Reviews For My Book “Say What?””

  1. I would like to know how to buy this book cannot find in the store.

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