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Previews And Reviews For “Say What?”

In September I have a book coming out entitled “Say What?”—Understanding The Power Of The Words We Speak.

The Bible has much to teach about what we say and the impact our words have on our lives, our relationship with God, and our relationships with others.

You can find out more about “Say What?”—Understanding The Power Of The Words We Speak at


Here are some previews of the book (special thanks to those who previewed the book and wrote the following):


“It was when God spoke that all things were created.  So we should have known how important words are–including ours.  For good or for evil, they create things too. Say What? will help you grasp that as never before.  Read it an be challenged, inspired, and transformed.”

–Stephen Seamands, Professor of Christian Doctrine, Asbury Theological Seminary.




According to the English Language Monitor there are over a million words in the English language. With all those choices before us, women manage to speak about 7000 words a day while men barely eek out 2000. But whether you’re a man with many words or a woman of few, John Franklin Howard’s new book reminds us that every single one that leaves our lips has more power than we probably imagine. Through his years as a parish pastor, Howard has gathered the key biblical passages on the power of the word and both wisely and wryly reminds us through story and reflection that what we say matters … and that our words have eternal consequences. Use Say What? as a devotional to launch your mornings mindfully, or study it together with your church leadership. But whatever you do, if you’re going to open your mouth and speak today, pick up a copy of Say What? and take the words to heart. The recipients of your word choices will thank you.

–Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian, 21st Century Strategies and Managing Editor Net Results magazine




“When I first met John Franklin Howard 20 years ago, I was impressed with the power of his words – as pastor, preacher, father, husband, and friend, he demonstrated repeatedly that the Word of God dwelt in Him richly.  That Word, spoken through John Franklin, has cast vision, restored hope, and challenged sinners.  This book is an obvious extension of his very effective pastoral ministry.  I believe many churches and individuals will find new strength and victory in the Lord as they apply the truths presented herein.”

–Lee Ann Williamson

Executive Director, Christian World Missions




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