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Homecoming 2010

Greensboro District Superintendent Duke Ison attended the Homecoming Service at Mount Pleasant UMC on Sunday, September 12, 2010. Here are his observations of the service (sent out to area clergy on Monday, September 13, 2010):


“Notes from Cabinet”

September 13, 2010

Dear Workers in the Vineyard,

John Franklin Howard hit the mother-load. I went to worship at Mount Pleasant UMC yesterday. They have had their troubles lately so I didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived, there was no parking. I had to squeeze in next to the cemetery. When I got inside the sanctuary, there were no seats. They had seats out in the aisle. Ushers were going up and down the aisle finding places where others could squeeze in. They took in 10 new members. Was Jesus getting ready to come or what? This is the kind of trouble I want churches to have.

Of course I discovered that it was homecoming and they had combined there two services into one. Still, I don’t think that would have put seats in the aisles. Someone or some folks had done a good job in getting the word out to come to Homecoming and people definitely turned out. It was impressive. Like I said, John Franklin Howard hit the mother-load because this was definitely the day you want the DS to visit and leave thinking that the attendance every Sunday is like this.

John Franklin and the worship staff did a good job. Somehow I have never seen John Franklin as being funny. But the man was funny and his people responded to his humor. It was just a good day when everything seemed to align correctly.

Oh, don’t we all long for those kinds of days. I needed a day like this one after cabinet last week. I think we all left with cabinet overload. You can get that even with good stuff and we did hear some good things.

I left on Friday feeling overwhelmed, tired, and wondering how in the world will be able to do all that is being set out. I wasn’t alone in that feeling. But I also know that the times are calling for us to adapt and reconfigure how we always done things. If we don’t then the times will overwhelm us.  Of course that is not a new feeling. You find this throughout the Biblical record. I always love the story of the children of Israel backed up to the Red Sea (Reed Sea to scholars) with Pharaoh’s chariots and nothing but water before them. Moses asks God to make a way. God says I have but first you have got to get wet. Then and only then was the sea parted.

How is God calling you and me and our churches to get wet? Today, I experienced one of those perfect type days at Mount Pleasant, the kind we all long for. But some folks had to get wet to get to this day. Like I said, John Franklin hit the mother-load today. May we all hit it.




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  1. :D He said it all :D

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