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The Greatest Don’t Have To Tell You They Are Great

What do you think about people who are all about calling attention to themselves? They are the ones that have to sing the loudest in the choir, or brag the most about their accomplishments. They also seem to be the ones who are always in the midst of one drama after another.

Why do people do that?


Just recently I read something from Craig Groeshcel, the pastor of that helped me with this:

When looking for great leaders, those who are truly great (or potentially great) usually don’t tell you they are great. In fact, they often don’t realize they are exceptionally gifted by God to lead.

With rare exceptions, when someone initially rattles off a resume of success, I find that most of the time these “apparently” great leaders either are:

A) very insecure, or

B) overselling themselves.

Those who are truly the best don’t seem to be driven to convince you they are the best. The most gifted do more than they talk.


I think pastor Groeschel is on to something here. What do you think?


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