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A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Evangelism (Part 1)

          What is evangelism? When I was in college I learned it is “one beggar telling another one where to find bread.” Evangelism literally means “telling good news.”

            What is the good news in your life?

            Bill Tenny-Brittian has written a book entitled “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Evangelism.” It is his challenge to invite followers of Jesus Christ to reclaim our mission to share the good news of God’s activity in our lives with others.

            Bill T-B writes that the lack of one-on-one evangelism in the North American church is one of the central factors in the church losing an average of 2.5 million people per year every year since 1991 (pg. 8).

            He quotes Jane Lampman who says, “There are 3,000 fewer Christians now than 24 hours ago” (pg. 8).

            Tenny-Brittian writes:

            “The problem is, so few North American Christians are practicing evangelism that it takes an average of eighty-five church members one full year to bring one Wanderer to the faith. Additionally, according to the World Christian Encyclopedia, the church spends $1,551,466 for each new [follower of Jesus Christ]” (pg. 9).

            What can we do to turn this around? That’s the purpose of Bill Tenny-Brittian’s book. He writes:

            “I wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Evangelism for one purpose and one purpose only: to get at the root of our hesitancy about sharing the greatest news on earth and to offer simple training that real people can use in their real lives” (pg. 9).

            For Bill Tenny-Brittian, the issue of evangelism comes down to the answer to this one question: What is it about your experience with Jesus that your neighbors can’t live without?” (pg. 10)

            How would you answer that question?

            We’ll explore this more in the posts to come.

In the meantime, pick up a copy of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Evangelism” and check it out yourself.

            Be sure to register for the seminar “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Evangelism” which will be held at Ardmore UMC, Winston-Salem, NC on Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17, 2009. You can register and find more information at the following web site:


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