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In Search Of Connection

         Recently I saw the results from a survey taken by Christian pollster The Barna Group.

         In a survey of young people they found the most common elements that young people said they were seeking from a church were

  • “to worship or make a connection with God” (45 percent described this as very important)
  • “to better understand what I believe” (42 percent),
  • “to spend time with close friends” (34 percent),
  • “to get encouraged or inspired” (34 percent), or
  • “to volunteer to help others” (30 percent).

         In a time when the church is losing young people at an alarming rate, this survey offered something vital information for us to reverse that trend.

         Simply put, young people are looking for connection. When they come to a church they want to experience

1) connection with God (45% said “to worship or make a connection with God”)

2) connection with other people (34% said “to spend time with close friends”)

3) connection with the world (30% said “to volunteer to help others”).

         The church has always been in the “connection business.” We are called by Jesus Christ to connect people to God through evangelism and worship; to connect people to one another through discipleship and fellowship; and to connect people to the world through mission, ministry, and (once again!) evangelism.

         When we reclaim our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, the church will once again reach, not only, young adults, but people of all ages, with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


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