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Thoughts From Kansas Part 1

I am with a group of United Methodist pastors from Western North Carolina who are in the Kansas City area for a couple of days studying one of the most innovative United Methodist Churches in the country.

The United Methodist Church Of The Resurrection (Leawood, Kansas) was started in 1990 by then 26 year old pastor Adam Hamilton. The congregation began with 4 members (Adam, his wife, and their two daughters). Today the church has over 14,000 members.

Church of the Resurrection exists to “build a Christian Community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.”

The church defines discipleship as “the lifelong process of personal, spiritual transformation in the context of Christian community that finds its best expression in the world serving others and sharing Christ.”

Pastor Adam Hamilton and the church staff have a clear focus to reach people for Jesus Christ and lead them to follow Jesus with their “head, heart, and hands.”  They define the characteristics of a deeply committed Christian as a person who is “theologically informed (head), spiritually transformed (heart), and living their faith daily in the world (hands).”

I am fired up to see the strong sense of ministry alignment and focus that the church, the pastor, and the staff has for making disciples of Jesus Christ. Clearly a central aspect of their effectiveness is their ability to stay on task and help people move from being far from God to fully devoted followers of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Today our group is meeting with senior staff. Tomorrow we will meet with senior pastor Hamilton. Every staff person we encounter is committed to the vision Church of the Resurrection has for reaching people for Jesus Christ and helping them grow to spiritual maturity.

Church of the Resurrection sees the journey God has called their congregation to take consists of helping others grow in “knowing, loving, and serving” God.

What a great experience to be on site and learn from the staff and people of The United Methodist Church Of The Resurrection!

Check them out for yourself at!


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