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The Spring Of Our Discontent

April 28, 2009

                      Have you noticed how discontent people are in our world? Is it the insecurity of the economy, the uncertainty of today’s world, the constant barrage of commercials, or just the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” syndrome?             One of my favorite Bible images comes from Psalm 131:2 which […]

What Makes Church Of The Resurrection So Healthy?

April 24, 2009

          Being on site at The United Methodist Church Of The Resurrection helps me understand part of the church’s great success. They have grown to 16,000 members in 19 years in part because of their commitment to radical hospitality.          From the senior pastor to the lay volunteers, everyone at The Church […]

When You Are Criticized

April 24, 2009

          It was my honor to present this teaching at the Reynolds Academy Seminar at the United Methodist Church Of The Resurrection (Leawood, Kansas) in the Kansas City area:   How To Handle Criticism April 23, 2009 Reynolds Academy Kansas City Seminar            There is one aspect of ministry I am […]

Thoughts From Kansas Part 1

April 22, 2009

I am with a group of United Methodist pastors from Western North Carolina who are in the Kansas City area for a couple of days studying one of the most innovative United Methodist Churches in the country. The United Methodist Church Of The Resurrection (Leawood, Kansas) was started in 1990 by then 26 year old pastor […]

Living Lives Of Significance

April 13, 2009

         Did you hear about the lady in Florida who went to McDonalds in search of chicken McNuggets?          This is a true story.          In February of this year, a 27 year old woman from Fort Pierce, Florida went in to her local McDonald’s restaurant and ordered a 10 piece chicken […]