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Goal Setting (Part 1)

December 23, 2008

                        Do you make new year’s resolutions or set goals for your life each year?             I know most people never follow through on their new year’s resolutions, but I think they are important.             I love having a goal.             Goal setting motivates me. It keeps me moving forward and focused on a […]

Are We Going To Make It This Year?

December 10, 2008

           So there I sat, on the recliner, in front of the television, watching the latest news report of an economy in recession…at Christmas time of all seasons! You know the headlines I saw—job losses, stock market losses, bailouts, bad mortgages, home foreclosures.             I honestly asked myself a question that night which applied to […]

“To Seek And To Save The Lost”

December 1, 2008

           I’ve been thinking about my focus for the coming year. Maybe a better word would be “refocus.” A few weeks ago I was reading the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel when God caught my attention and reminded me that our focus as a church should be on the same things that occupy the heart of […]